Personal Interests

Minerals, Rocks, and Geology

I love going to mineral shops and recently started visiting local sites trying to find and dig out my own minerals (rockhounding). I like getting to know an area and figuring out the geologic processes that formed the minerals found there.

Pictured are some minerals from my purchased collection, unfortunately I haven't found anything like this myself (yet!).


I used to think I was bad at keeping plants alive, but I've discovered you just have to be interested in playing with the variables of what they need (light, water, humidity, etc) and take time to frequently check on their health. I've become really good at growing lettuce from seed, and I'm moving on to raising peppers, cauliflower, cucumbers, and broccoli from seed. My friends and family are skeptical about me fitting all those plants in my apartment, but I'm confident I can make it work.

Pictured is a lettuce harvest from plants I raised, can you spot all 4 varieties?

Podcast Co-Host

I hadn't listened to podcasts until COVID19 became a pandemic, and suddenly I was binging them.

After a few months listening, I decided to start my own! It's a lot of fun, feeding my love for science communication.